Payment issue during Domain Transfer in

I want to Transfer-in my domain to Cloudflare.I’m able to initiate the transfer-in process by entering the valid auth code. But the transfer-in fails everytime due to payment issue. I’m from India and the banking regulations here do not allow any online vendor to store our credit card information. So each time the Cloudflare system attempts to make the payment, it is declined. My default payment option is Paypal. I tried to make the Cloudflare team understand the issue and each time they tell me to make direct payment using the Dashboard. While doing the Domain transfer there is no direct payment option. Please see the snapshot and advise further.

Hi @sandeep.ravidutt can you create a Billing ticket here,, we can’t get too deep into billing issues here, but we can ensure the team you need to work with is aware. LMK your ticket number once you have it.

I already have a support ticket #2939478 and did to and fro communication with the Cloudflare team a number of times. These guys are giving me robotic replies without actually telling me the resolution. I had even shared the snapshot but they never told me where the direct payment option is. After I could not get the required support from them I’m seeking the support of the Community here.

Thank you, I will flag that for my colleagues. Sorry for the issues.

As mentioned in one of the replies on the ticket, for domain transfers As of the moment, we cannot issue an invoice to manually pay the transfer. Is the paypal account you set up backed by a credit card or by a bank account?

Due to inefficient team and processes at Cloudflare, I’m continuing with my existing domain provider. Cloudflare cannot simply give a Pay now button to its customers in India. Thanks for your time.

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