Payment for the image service subscription but the resource is still unavailable

Hi there, We have a problem with the image delivery service. We subscribed to the Cloudflare Images plan for the price of $5 dollars, and even after many days, the image upload service remains unavailable both through the platform and via the API, making it impossible for us to add and delete our images. In the images tab within the platform, a screen for choosing plans is displayed, as if we had not yet subscribed to any plan. How can we resolve this issue? How long does it usually take from payment for the service until it is available for use?

Screenshot in the images tab:

Can you scroll down that page and select Continue on the lower right corner?

yes I can, but as I said I already paid for the plan

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Is that in the same account you are using here?

Yes it is the same account, I subscribed to this plan but I had a problem with my card and I had this service blocked, then I added another card and made the pending payments and even making the payment it is as if I had not signed the plan.

Thank you, sorry for the issues you’re hitting. I will open a Billing ticket on your behalf, you’ll get a copy of it. On that ticket you can interact directly with my Billing colleagues.


Great! Thank you so much.

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I created ticket 2874200 and will flag that for my colleagues to follow-up. You can add whatever detail you like to that ticket @erick.carvalho

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