Payment for services for clients from Russia

Dear support! In connection with such a situation in Ukraine and sanctions for Russia, how to pay for Cloudflare services now? Payment by card issued in Russia does not work… Paypal for Russian residents also does not work… How to pay now? Will you add new payment methods like skrill etc. This question interests many of your clients from Russia. Thanks!

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@Laurie may have more on that :slight_smile:

Cloudflare is unlikely to provide avenues to bypass international sanctions. Unfortunately the Russian government will need to address the reasons those sanctions have been imposed before it’s citizens will be able to engage in trade with nations who have imposed restrictions.

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@websitexxxnl, if Cloudflare payments do not go through, you may want to check out


Was wondering if there was an official response from Cloudflare on this, but what @cscharff said makes a lot of sense.
It’s upon the Russian government to stop their actions now. Perhaps in the indeterminate future there will be a moment when sanctions will be lifted, but right now there is no chance any American business will consider accepting payments from Russian users or organizations.


Unfortunately, at this time I do not have further information that I can share.


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