Payment for domain renewal not going through with Indian card or PayPal

I have been trying to manually renew a domain with my MasterCard (international transactions enabled) but the payment doesn’t go through. I then linked my PayPal account to Cloudflare to attempt a payment, but even that doesn’t work. There is no error message, when I click the “Purchase” button it loads for a bit and then the pop-up dialog disappears and nothing happens. The card works for other international transactions, so I am not sure what the problem is and why even PayPal doesn’t work.

Hi @lovanmishra.
Unfortunately, some India banks are not allowing for new orders to process, we are working on a solution for this with our payment processors but at this time do not have an ETA. You can try using PayPal attaching a different payment method there, as we have seen some success with that, or using a payment method that is issued outside of India.

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