Payment Failing With Error Msg We're sorry, something went wrong with that

I am not able to make payment for registering a new domain. Its failing with a msg that"Something went wrong". I tried with multiple cards and pay pal accounts but all are failing. These payment methods work on other websites so I am sure there is nothing wrong from those payment sources. I have raised concerns multiple times over email but I haven’t got any resolution yet.
Kindly advise.

The last ticket number which was raised was #11361424

This is the error screenshot

Hi bro, this is the same problem happened to me. I thought it was just me. I’m still looking for a solution to this problem, hopefully it can be resolved soon.

It seems there is some issue with the payment module and they are trying to fix it. I didn’t get a resolution yet. I keep trying to make payment often to see if any of it goes through. as you said, hopefully we will get a solution for this soon so that we can register the domain.

Hi bro, Cloudflare team has resolved my issue and I could buy the domain. They had done some adjustment at their end and got it resolved.I had followed up with the email id : [email protected]. Hope it will get resolved for you too soon

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