Payment failed


I am renewing my subscription but the payment is failed. I have tried 2-3 times. The error is below.
“Reason for transaction decline is: Effective 1st Oct 2021, the Bank will have to decline all such recurring transactions on cards initiated by merchants, non-compliant with the new RBI guidelines.”


That’s correct and even other users also encounter the same issue. You may :search: for more similar posts.

What cards are they? International cc? If so, some banks give access to process the payments. Did you try other method like paypal? You may give it a try.

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Hi there-

As you might already be aware, the Reserve Bank of India has recently implemented new restrictions on how payments from customers located in India can be processed. Unfortunately these restrictions are causing difficulties for our customers in India. I wanted to let you know that we have implemented 3DS, an additional verification process for Indian credit cards that allows customers to pay their outstanding invoices on dash (only recurring payments) with their Indian credit card.

The other option is, and we advise all our Indian customers to add PayPal as a payment method if possible and make the payment. We do not see any RBI issues with PayPal as a payment method. Please note, if the card you used on Cloudflare before, has failed, and if you use the same with PayPal, it will end up failing as well.


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