Payment error - 0.00 charge is denied by my bank

Hello, I have a frustrating error that I can’t get through because neither side I am talking to seems to have the answer.

When I try to sign up for stream, I get a Pay $5.00 now and it goes through, but a few seconds later I get a truncated email which says:

We’ve run into a problem and were not able to complete the purchase, change, or cancellation of your Cloudflare subscription for . Please reach out to [email protected] so our team can assist you further.

Note there is nothing after “subscription for”…my bank tells me a charge of 0.00 is attempted (and refused by them as an error), which I can confirm when trying to pay with Google Pay - the Cloudflare UI says $5.00 but the Gpay popup says 0.00 and it doesn’t go through.

I have an open ticket but billing support tells me my bank is refusing the transaction so I need to contact them…and my bank tells me that a 0.00 charge will not go through and I need to contact Cloudflare.

…I’m stuck in between…it seems to be more a technical instead of billing problem but I don’t know how to escalate from the ticket.

Hi @user10105,
You need to use either a credit card or PayPal for your payment method and retain that on file. Google Pay is not currently an accepted payment method in our system.

I did try with a credit card…but a charge of 0.00 is attempted and my bank rejects it.

Hi @user10105,

I was able to work with the team here and reviewed both the PayPal and Credit card issues within your account. I have noted the ticket that you have with the support team so that they can reply to you with the specific details regarding your account.

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