Payment declined (Paypal also doesn't work anymore)


I am a Cloudflare customer from India. This month I tried to make payment, but the payment failed. I am already aware of the RBI rules, so I added the PayPal method. The payment was successful for the past few months. Today the PayPal method is also declined. I couldn’t pay for this month’s due.

It seems the payment issue has not been resolved for several months. I am able to pay for other services, for example Google Gsuite, Knownhost hosting fee etc. But the payment issue is only with Cloudflare and Cloudflare is not caring about Indian customers.

Today I tried to make payment several times. But I couldn’t pay either via PayPal or credit card. Please advise what to do.


I resolved this issue myself by adding an alternative Credit card in PayPal. I don’t know how long it will work, but for now I paid the due using a different credit card attached with my PayPal account.

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