Paying with PayPal getting declined

Please see the attached image.
I am trying to pay for a domain transfer with paypal, but my payment is getting declined.
I have contacted paypal support, and i am waiting for a reply.
I have logged into my paypal console, and I checked for declined payments or pending payments, and there are none. I am able to use my paypal account like “normal” with other services like uber/ebay/etc.

Am i doing something wrong? is there an issue with the system?

Hi @cbluth_cf, sorry you’re having issues. We did have a billing system upgrade that introduced lingering issues with data that the team is working through. In your case, I don’t think the upgrade caused the issue. For PayPal to be set as the payment method for a subscription requires that you have a credit card attached to the PayPal account. If you do have a card associated with the paypal account, can you clear your cache and try again from an incognito browser? If you’re still seeing the error, you’ll need to contact Cloudflare Support or try a different form of payment.

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I am also facing same issue. How you resolved it?