Pay online

Hi guys,
For almost a month, I been seeing this message - You cannot add or modify subscriptions or services until all invoices are paid. Download each “Unpaid” invoice on your Billing page and click the “Pay online” link within each invoice to fix your account.
I have raised multiple tickets with resolving the issues. Now, both my websites are down.

Hi @clicksample

I’m sorry to hear that you are facing issues. Could you share the ticket numbers here?

Hello @bujangnim Bujangnim,

Thanks for responding. The tickets ars merged into one ticket now. The current ticket number is #3289957.

The issue has shut down my business. No way to interact or connect to my potential users. On cloudflare account, all the issues are shown in the screenshot below.

I need all necessary support and assistance to make both domains active.


Hello Bujangnim,


Still waiting for your response.