Pay by use Clourflare Workers


I recently started using Cloudflare Workers for personal projects. They’re brilliant. However, while the free plan is very generous, I’m not keen on using it for anything more advanced because of the pricing model: $5 per month is cheap if I’m using it enough but it’s not worth it for a small project (if I want features that aren’t available in the free plan).

I’d love to have a pay per use option. I know that someone using/paying for a low volume is probably not commercially viable, but there should be advantages from Cloudflare’s point of view too: once I have got my credit card set up using a small amount, I may start using more and more features. Just ask AWS!

Basically, I’d love to be able to pay for extra features, but I’m not willing to start another subscription for the level of use I’ll have, certainly initially.