Pausing Cloudflare how will it affect my ssl?

I keep getting a 502 Bad Gateway error on two sites yet I am still getting the Cloudflare branded page that typically means that it’s a server issue and that Cloudflare is still working. The sites in question does have it’s SSL through Cloudflare. One of the sites is a full ssl and one is set to flexible.

My question is can I pause Cloudflare without it affecting the SSL or will it automatically revert back to http while Cloudflare is paused?

THANK YOU ahead of time!

If you pause Cloudflare, then all connections should go directly to your server. Sites should always have SSL configured at the server. If not, then you are at a disadvantage.

Ok I guess I’m a tiny bit confused. I’m getting the SSL thru cloudflare and then using the Really Simple SSL wordpress plugin; not sure I have done anything special at the server end. So are you saying that since all connections will go directly to the server then the SSL will not work when paused? I’m trying to determine that if I pause CloufFlare will I ‘loose the security padlock’ aka will the ssl stop working? I apologize not trying to be confusing. THANK YOU!

If you don’t have SSL at the server, your site is not secure.

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Ok thank you for that; so are you saying that if I only have the SSL because it’s enabled at Cloudflare and not the server then it’s not secure. I gained the green padlock and the certificates when I enabled Cloudlfare ssl so I guess I’m still not clear on the answer to my question. Not your fault I’m just not understanding. I only have Cloudflare SSL configured and that plugin and it not only gives me the green padlock but it says it’s a valid ssl cert issued to and by Cloudflare. I gained all of that without changing anything on the server end specifically unless the Really Simple Plugin is considered ‘configured at the server end’ ??

I do appreciate your help!

Ugg I must be missing something.

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