Pause cloudflare, developer not responding

I wish to pause cloudflare as SSL cert has expired, my web host said i need to pause and then set up ssl then switch on again

Issue is the developer has not answered calls

Hi @a-faisal,

Do you have access to the Cloudflare account with the domain active? If so, you can pause Cloudflare in the bottom right of the overview app.

Thanks for your reply, issue is that i don’t have it, only need the ssl to be valid, and my web hosts said pause cloudflare then update and it will work


I dont have access to the account as developer not responding
Web host said pause cloudflare, how could i do that if i dont have any access

Neither Cloudflare nor the Community can change those settings. If your developer is no longer supporting you, I suggest you move your domain to a different account here. Or just set your name servers back to what your host recommends.

Appreciate your reply, how could I move to different account here and change name servers

You would go through the same new account process anybody does to add a site to Cloudflare.

You would do this at the domain registrar, where you bought your domain name.

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