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I got the problem that every time i try to connect to i have to a captcha to prove a´m human. I already got into contact with GGG support but they tell me i have to contact Cloudflare. They said to me that there are some blocks in the security they have no access to and that cloudflare manages them. I searched for some more websites which work together with Cloudflare to check if is my only blocked site and i found some more. For example:

    Maybe there is a connection between these sites which causes this problem.
    I play poe now for about 4 years and never had any problem since today so i´m complete clueless what could have changed to cause this problem.

There are several posts regarding pathofexile:

What it boils down to is that any time a user is challenged or blocked, it will show up in the Firewall Events Log that the site owner has access to. They may have set a security level that unknowingly blocks their legitimate users. The Firewall Event will show the GGG people why your request was blocked. There’s absolutely no way Cloudflare will look into this by request of an end user, as only site owners are permitted to contact Cloudflare regarding account activity. The site owner would have to contact Cloudflare for assistance if they can not track down which setting is causing this.

Here’s a bit more info, and includes one test to see if your IP address has been flagged:

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