Path to Escalation - Garbage autoresponse on (#1694470) - And Billing delegation?

Hi Cloudflare Community.

What is the normal escalation procedure? I sent a ticket to billing earlier in the week #1694470 but it looks like it wasn’t even read and some garbage autoresponse followed. I attempted to follow up but seems the ticket is now dead? Presumably we get human responses once we’ve loaded the account with payment details?

Perhaps an issue community can advise on. I want to add a billing contact to the account so they can update payment info and pull invoices etc… When I add them they are added as administrator (which is also fine) but yet no payment info access. I think I want to either make them super admin or some other role which has payment info. How can I delegate access to this?

Hi @matt53, sorry for the issue, if you reply to the last email on the ticket, that will reopen it. You may want to ask that the engineer escalate the ticket to billing. I’ll take a look and get it in the proper queue. Sorry for the troubles.

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I took a look and the bot did miss the gist of your question. I think the only part it got right was the statement, login and update, Support cannot make changes on your behalf.

I’ve added to the ticket that you’ve done that and have issues and added a link to this post.

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I’m still stuck. Whilst I can change the billing email for invoices etc. under /billing/email-preference. I still cant see a way for client to login and add payment info as this is just a notification address preference.