Path Data Missing?

I just set up Cloudflare Analytics and started watching the data roll in. Very exciting! Unfortunately, I’m not seeing any path data for the traffic that has been recorded so far (the Paths section simply lists all traffic in a single line with no label - see image below). Is this a problem on my end or CA’s? I’m using the basic JS beacon method and the domain is if you want to take a peek at it.

I’ve peeked at the network traffic and it looks like the Referrer Policy is set to “no-referrer-when-downgrade”, which I believe is correct and normal.


I have the same problem, this analytics is basically useless without this information.


Does anybody from the company actually respond to problems in the community?


I spoke with CF Support and the issue is being investigated.


CF Support has replied that a fix has been implemented and the issue should be considered resolved as of yesterday.

Sorry to hear about this! Please let us know if this is still a problem.

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