After changing my nameservers of Cloudflare my domain shows SORRY page. i cleared my cache memory of browser but still facing this issue please help me to resolve this issue.

You have most likely enabled Full SSL, which makes Cloudflare connect to your server via TLS but your server is probably not configured to serve your page via TLS. So either switch to Flexible SSL or ensure your server is properly configured to serve your page on TLS as well.

i changed SSL to flexible but now my site is loading in a hazy view

i want full SSL please suggest me what i have to do?

You need to configure your server to serve your site on HTTPS as well.

Once that is done you will still have the issue with not all content being loaded because your return “mixed content”.

Your host should be able to help you in both cases.

hosting provider is saying this error is from Cloudflare side . Please suggest me to solve this issue

Yeah, thats not correct. I would suggest you switch to a host who actually knows what he is doing.

The problem is your host does not serve your site on HTTPS. As long as your host does not fix that there is nothing you can except for aforementioned switch to a better host.

can i get the SSL certificate from Cloudflare to install it on my server because by enabling it from here it is not using https and my site goes down. where i can get the ssl certificate to install it on my server?

@sandro please reply to my query

To setup https on your site, try

This is probably the cheapest and easiest solution for most people.

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