Password reset mail does not arrive on my inbox

I’m asking for help, from another account since I’m locked out of original account. I’ve been requesting password reset multiple times since none of email have arrived on my inbox. How do I proceed with password reset?

How do I get password reset mail? Please help.

May I have any assistance on how do I recover my account?

If you have login issues, complete the form here for assistance (make sure you are logged out of all accounts first),


Thank you for the response, I’ve submitted the form which seemed to open an auto generated ticket. And, since it didn’t help to access the account I’m not marking this as solution. Instead, I’ll mark it as solution as soon as it helps.

Have you tried the password reset again since using that form? Sometimes the automated checks help clear it up.

If not then that ticket it likely created will be the best way for you to get account specific advice.

I wonder what password reset using that form means, though I’ve tried password reset again. And, I do not see any E-mail. I’ll close this as soon as something helps.

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