Password reset link not received



Thank you for your help. A programmer set up Cloudflare on a nonprofit site that I run. She used her account and the email address is associated with our Wordpress site. I need to access Cloudflare in order to move the site to a new host. I’ve entered the email and site URL multiple times in order to reset the password. Each time I get a message that the reset link has been sent. But I have not received it, although the email client gets other emails. I opened a new account for Cloudflare with a different email, and wrote to support over ten hours ago. I see my support ticket waiting there. Is it normal to have to wait so long for a reply?


Hi @hannahpt,

Thanks for visiting the community. If the account was created with an email address that is no longer valid/functioning there won’t be a way to regain access to the account.

However, if you’ve already created a new account it should be straightforward to migrate the domain to the new account. Just add it to the new account, and when you receive a new set of Cloudflare name servers input those at your registrar.

This article should be helpful. It references that you will need access to both accounts, but I think we need to update that. As long as you can make changes with your registrar you won’t need access to the original account for anything other than to try and replicate any unique setup.