Password Reset email never arrives (Ticket 2315148)


(Ticket 2315148)

I’m trying to regain access to a Cloudflare account that I own. More precisely, when I try to change my profile email address to another address that I own, it tells me that there is already a Cloudflare account associated with it.

However, when I attempt to reset the password for that email address, I never get it. It’s not in spam and it’s not suppressed in any way, it just never arrives.

You can see that I’ve been battling this since 29th November, when I opened Ticket 2315148. However, I never received a human reply to that ticket despite me replying to every bot message and having Enterprise plan accounts on my profile which supposedly would give access to priority support.

Kind regards,

Hi @emedara,

Is there a possibility that you deleted the account, that can prevent your email being used for up to a year and you wouldn’t receive password resets.

Have you opened the ticket from the email address on the account you can’t access? That will be required to take any action.

I’ve escalated this topic for the attention of the customer support team.

Hi @domjh,

I wouldn’t say so, I don’t have any recollection of ever using that email address before or ever deleting a Cloudflare account. The account that I’m currently using (and which I want to switch to that address) is probably 5 years old if not more.

Yes, I emailed [email protected] from that email address, and all my subsequent replies were from it.

I just got a reply from a support agent who just revived that ticket and I replied to him, not sure if it’s still going to be a bot replying now or a support agent.

Have you requested a password reset again after getting the response? You should get a follow-up from a human again now.

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