Password recovery. I do not receive the email to create a new password

One of my accounts I can not recover the password for access. I do not get the email to update the password.

See My Ticket 2307089

Hi @DouradoCash,

I presume you’ve checked your spam/junk folders and email logs if you have access to them.

I’ve escalated this to support.

I just requested the password rescue again. And I did not receive the email due. The email to which I am trying to recover is what concerns the ticket 2307089

Sorry for the issues with this. The reply on the above ticket indicates you contacted Support from an address that was not recognized. I’d email support AT cloudflare DOT com from the email you used originally and from the email you changed to, copy the other email account in order to cross-reference them. You will get two ticket numbers and if you can share them here I can look into it. I can verify the account you are using here is able to receive emails, if that is the one in question, search spam etc for the emails. I show them as delivered.


Yes. Email is running. I ordered twice. Generating two tickets. The second ticket is 2309101.

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Both tickets were created by the same account and that email is not recognized by our systems. I show the email you are using here as receiving emails and do not see the other email in our system.

I made email change. I had the change directly in the altered email. Then I set 2FA for that same account. I changed the password and suddenly I could no longer access the account. I do not understand what’s happening. Does the account not validated my email and kept the previous email. Because the account is from the company and was in possession of the developer. When recovering the account we made the email change. Can you validate if the occurrence proceeds?

As mentioned here by Tim, please raise a support ticket with the email address tied to the account.
Please let us know the number here then and we can follow up.

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