Password Protect WARP

Hello -

I’d love to have a way to protect a malicious actor from using WARP in the event that my iPad were stolen.

For example, leaving WARP off by default, but requiring Face ID or Touch ID to turn it on.

Is this possible? If not, are there other protections I can take? For example, disabling the Device or Private Network unless needed?


How about requiring the Face ID or Touch ID to use the stolen iPad, to begin with?

I’m not in the Apple world… but isn’t this the basic default behaviour? Don’t iPads/iPhones auto-lock their screens after a few seconds of not being used?

Definitely - that’s already in place.

Most important apps also institute a second layer of authentication (also usually Face ID). This is true for banks, etc.

Given the importance of WARP it’d be good to have the same.

You can try to use shortcuts. This site below has lots of pre made shortcuts to use.