Password protect access to websites

Assuming this isn’t already a feature it would be awesome if password-protection for website access could be handled by Cloudflare.

I use password-protection on a couple of Wordpress sites using plugins, but I think it would make more sense to implement it using Cloudflare.

I doubt that matches Cloudflare’s security model. As soon as someone leaks that password, it’s pretty useless. You’d be better off with Access:

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I’ve tried to add Cloudflare Access to my website, but I need to add a payment method, even if I plan to use the free tier…

Instead, you can try to use Octauthent, which is basically a (free) password-protection service that works with Cloudflare workers.

Integration with your website is very quick, you just need to provide a Cloudflare API Token

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And more than a year later, you just saved my sanity! Been trying to get the Quick app to work for weeks with no success. Ran across this post and tried Octauthent as you suggested. Set up and worked in minutes! Thank you!

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