Password not working for entry after windows 10 reinstal

Hello - Ticket 2970597 is not being replied to. I am in a desperate 'Catch 22" situation. After a CDrive failure and subsequent windows 10 reinstall none of my passwords are working to allow me to access my years-old account at malaustin @ givenworks. com. I still have no email which is connected to givenworks. com my primary website hosted by hostpapa .com who tell me in won’t work until I change the DNS settings in Cloudflare. But I can’t get in! Your reply states that you think I am a hacker and NOT the original account holder. I have tried various proofs via my last reply but no answer, no response. I have over 2 dozen sites registered with you! What do I do? [I set up a new account under the name of '[email protected] just to be able to write a new request]