Password lost

After connecting Cloudflare, all authorizations are lost. I log into the account on my site, and after updating the page, the password again lost its way. When Cloudflare turned off everything was fine.

This is usually due to incompatible cache settings. Do you have have any Page Rules set up?

No, I completely deleted all page rules.

Then you’ll have to be more specific:
What software is your site running?
When you say the password “lost its way,” what is the expected behavior, and what behavior are you seeing?

Posting the URL of the login page may help as well.

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Account: Test
Password: 123456p

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Right now, it’s not going through Cloudflare, so we won’t be able to test it by using Dev Tools:

  • Check headers for any signs of caching
  • Check console log for errors

Cloudflare is off right now and it nonetheless says it does not recognise that user. That is a local issue on your server.


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