Password for a cpanel account

Please assist. I have a website whose host is CloudFlare. Unfortunately I have forgotten the cPanel password and cannot log in because it refuses all the passwords created. Can someone assist please ?

Cloudflare is not your host, Cloudflare proxies your HTTP traffic. You will need to contact your host regarding this


Contact Hostgator for more information or just use Forgot password function at your cpanel login page.

My host has been identified as CLOUDFLARE. You can also check.

Where do you get this information? Cloudflare never sell hosting services e.g. servers to host your website. Like what @soldier_21 mentioned, Cloudflare is just a reverse proxy that protects your website from DDoS attack, speeds up your website, etc., but not a hosting provider.

To explain in another way, Cloudflare is like a middle-man that sits between your visitor and your hosting provider or server.

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But why is returning CLOUDFLARE as my host ?

Because that is what is delivering it data. Cloudflare sits in front of your host.

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So how do I get to know the HOSTING company ?

You will have to check your email correspondence, or finances to find out who you’re paying to host your site. Cloudflare can not track this down for you.

Thanks but why are the various host determining platforms are telling me my host is CLOUDFLARE ?

Okay thanks.

This question has already been answered three times. If you don’t trust our answers, I’m afraid this isn’t the place to look for help.

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