Password changed and domain hijacked

So I have just changed country and whilst doing it I received an email from Cloudflare stating that my password had just been changed and my domain was deleted and to contact them. Unfortunately in a new house I was not able to do that although I really tried they have no telephone number and send me everywhere. Only now can I go through all my emails as the internet has only just been installed.
So now my company name domain name (which includes my personal name) is owned by someone called promo-privacy in Ontario Canada and funnily enough they cannot be contacted.
So firstly I would like to warn everyone as I do not think Cloudflare is that safe, plus they cannot be contacted. The servers are now Hostpapa who obviously do not want to be involved. In short I am screwed and there is no way of contacting Cloudflare.
As it is my actual name I am really not thrilled.
If anyone has any ideas or dealt with promo-privacy I would appreciate your feedback but hostpapa said I will probably have to pay to get my name back and I should have spent a bit more money and stayed with them.

Can you share the domain here?

Was Cloudflare the domain registrar or just hosting the DNS and did you have a 3rd party registrar?

Have tried to write it but Cloudflare say links not allowed…
also name of my company…

I have just spoken to my friend who is going to build my website and she said to just write off my Cloudflare cost and buy a new one from Hostpapa…
Just thought I should warn people. I am very disillusioned but guess its a rookie mistake that I do not want other people to have.
Thank you for caring - I somewhat need that right now…

Cloudflare were also hosting will try again to write the name

If the domain was registered with Cloudflare then they may be able to help recover the domain.

Most likely you just had the nameservers and DNS with them and it was registered elsewhere, if that’s the case it was likely the Registrar that was compromised and it’s them you should contact.

No they will not allow me to write the name of my now promo-privacy owned website.
It is fairly "'(-è
Off to hostpapa to buy something similar!!!

Try wrapping the domain in backticks ` or just post it like example(dot)com

it was both registered and hosted by Cloudflare but on a free account so cannot speak to anyone

If it was registered with Cloudflare then you can open a Registrar ticket.

To contact the Registrar team, please submit a new support request from your Cloudflare account directly through the Cloudflare dashboard. Visit and choose Cloudflare Registrar. Please share your ticket number here so that we can track it.

I sent a message to them two hours ago but cannot even write the domain name on the add affected domains bit.
So I wrote it under summary.
I will tell you if they get back to me.
In the meantime I will buy a new one from hostpapa and get them to host it.
Cloudflare just really need to offer support because at least I am still setting things up. If I already had a website it would be a total disaster.
I bought a second domain with Cloudflare to tie up my name so to speak and interestingly their statistics show that I had five people look at it three days ago. Why? Who knows… …

That should be fine, please let us know the ticket number from that. It will have been shown when you submitted the ticket and you should have received it on a confirmation email as well.

Cloudflare do offer Free Support for Registrar issues via ticket and technical support here on the forum.

Thank you very much

Did you open a ticket or send an email? I do not see a ticket under the email you are using here.

Probably not, Cloudflare does not host sites (exceptions apply, but not in this case, your designer will know for sure)

No need to do that, we just need to figure out the issue.

If that is wrt this site, I adjust your permissions so that you can share, or example dot com is enough detail for us to work with.

A lot to unpack there, but I think you’ve jumped to an incorrect conclusion.

:point_up: :point_down:

Same holds true for account & billing issues for all customers

You have one active zone (domain) in your account and that is via Cloudflare Registrar. You have two purged zones (domains) that are both somewhat similar in name to the active domain that are both purged one is registered with verisign the other has hostpapa nameservers.

I do not see that purchase in your account, nor do I see that from the purged domains I mentioned above,

Whose statistics show that? In your Cloudflare dash analytics app or…? That may be something your web designer can help you to answer.

Can you share a copy/screenshot of that email?

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I think Cloudflare does not allow links to prevent abusive activities, such as spam but you could just name your domain. Like this. EXAMPLE DOT COM. Do not use a link as the forum software bans links.

If you can explain your situation in detail here, then I am sure the rest of us will not fall into the same mistake as you.

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I tried to send an email as I am no longer allowed to write my domain name on the box where is says domains affected as technically I no longer own it .
The box refuses to upload it and I cannot even write it on this thread as when I have it says no links allowed …

You should still be able to submit a ticket but as you are saying you can’t, I have escalated this post for the attention of the support team.

If you can share the domain here in the form example DOT com then that would help.


I still do not see the message you are referencing. But, I created a ticket on your behalf using the title of this topic for the ticket 2701646. You will have received a copy of that ticket and can reply to the Support agents on the ticket in order to share whatever details are necessary. Sorry for the issues you’re facing but the Support team can assist you on that #website-application-performance:registrar ticket.


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