Password autofill cannot be used

Login credentials cannot be automatically filled due to the Show being next for Tab - most autofill using the Tab functionality and switch to the next element available, which should be password right after the username

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What login does this reference? I use a password manager to auto-type my Cloudflare credentials for the dashboard login before presenting my Yubikey.

Update: I don’t know if the login interface has changed recently, as I don’t recall any past difficulty with password auto-fill. It is possible that I just have been working around it for so long that I didn’t remember. I had to update the auto-fill pattern to double tab when I logged into the Cloudflare dashboard today, so I wanted to revisit my reply to provide supporting information to your feedback.

I use a password manager as well, but it literally types it, without setting automatically (so that it works in any application etc, it is not a browser extension), and it uses Tab generally for the next field, which gets focused on the wrong element.

Is this a new behavior? I use 1Password, and it doesn’t tab to enter fields – it looks for specific field names, so I’ve not noticed this behavior.

Of course not all password managers do this, but there is no way for it to find the right field without tabbing because it is a program not a browser extension.


I think it’s been like this ever since I’ve started using both Cloudflare and that tool?

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