Passive Origin Monitoring no email alert

Hi, I have enabled Passive Origin Monitoring for my domains. My website is proxied to the IP number at my webserver. When I shutdown the webserver the website becomes unreachable but no notification is sent to the specified email address?

Do I forget something to enable?

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Robin Schouten

I see the error generated by Cloudflare is 522 and the passive origin monitoring only acts on the error 521 :frowning: I now use Uptimerobot (external product) for monitoring the uptime of my website.

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I have the same problem. The problem with updtime robot is that you have to point it to content that Cloudflare cannot cache.

How did you figure out passive origin monitoring only acts on 521? That’s great information. Much appreciated. Seems to me it should only act on 522 or both, but certainly should not be set up to ignore error 522. Looks like Cloudflare’s mistake to me.

I think I have found that via an API back then but it’s also mentioned on the Cloudflare page Available Notifications · Cloudflare Notifications docs (section Traffic Monitoring → Passive Origin Monitoring).

It’s stated:
Who is it for?

Customers who want to receive a notification when Cloudflare is unable to access their origin. Customers will only receive this notification when their origin is returning a 521 error