Passive DNS feed from public DNS server

Does cloudflare allowed to download passive DNS data feed from for academic purposes.?

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The Privacy Policy for states:

Aside from APNIC, Cloudflare will not share the Public Resolver Logs with any third party.

Tagging @mvavrusa who might be able to provide definitive information or further contacts.


Yes as in the privacy documentation it’s not allowed to download resolver logs. Which is a good thing. Actually my question is can we download a list of A, NS, MX, SOA, CNAME and TXT records that’s been resolved by the day on DNS server, without the data that who resolved it.?

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Hi @ravindud

While we do not share the logs, we do share aggregate data with academic and security researchers, depending on the use case. Please let us know more about your use case, and we are happy to discuss further, should the use case be in line with our privacy policy.

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Hi @malavika . That’s really interesting. Of course I can share full details, do we have the room to open a email thread or community forum is the only option to discuss ?

Hi @ravindud - just send me an email at malavika@ with more details and we can discuss further.
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