Passing Multiple Domains Through My Cloudflare Paid Account

I’m trying to setup multiple sites on my one paid account so their traffic inherits the paid features… I’ve seen this work on an enterprise account. Here’s how it works:

site-a dns looks like this:
CNAME | @ | | (cloudflare proxy turned OFF)

site-b dns looks like this:
A | site-a | 123.123.123 | (cloudflare proxy turned ON)

This works as far as site-a now has valid SSL from the proxy setup on site-b’s Cloudflare account/dns, and the traffic all goes through to hosting correctly… The problem is, site-a does not seem to inherit any of the paid features of site-b’s CF account like image optimization… I checked in multiple pagespeed scanners and nothing changes (but site-b of course had good improvement in image optimizations from Polish/Mirage).

So I guess my question is, do I need to upgrade site-b from Pro to Business or Enterprise in order for this dns passthrough to work so site-a will inherit the premium features of site-b’s account? Or am I missing a step?

As far as I know, there is no premium feature passthrough. You have to purchase the plan you need for every site you need. There might be an exception for enterprise customers, but you’d have to contact Cloudflare’s support for this one.

Yeah I’ve seen it work on an Enterprise account, I just wondered if it would work for Pro/Business too or not… The fact that I can add unlimited domains to my Pro account and they at least get SSL and Proxy inherited is promising… So maybe Polish/Mirage don’t work, but maybe the WAF does, or other premium features… I’m almost ready to test the Business level just to see if that ‘unlocks’ the image optimization, then I can load up my 100 sites on this one account lol

If you’ve got those sites on Cloudflare already, you can use SSL. But I’d recommend reaching out to Cloudflare and asking about what the best solution for you is. They can probably tailor something to your needs.

So here’s the plan, I want to Upgrade Site-A to Cloudflare Pro so it gets the performance + security features. I want to pass Site-B through Site-A’s account so it inherits the Pro performance/security features.

In Site-B I’ve added CNAME records that point at Site-A subdomain like this:
CNAME | site-b,com |,com (cloudflare proxy turned OFF)

Then in Site-A I have matching dns records that applies Cloudflare proxy and passes the traffic on to the host:
A |,com | 123.123.123 (cloudflare proxy turned ON)

This works part of the way, for example site-b,com has achieved valid SSL. When I do pagespeed scans from various places there is no improvement though, as I expect the image optimizers Polish/Mirage would make a change to Site-B, but that does not seem the case… It does improve the images on Site-A, and that is reflected in pagespeed scans.

The ultimate goal of this is to pass benefits of paid plans on Cloudflare to many sites without having to setup so many individual accounts nor pay huge $ for each account… Do I need to upgrade to Business or Enterprise in order for this to work? I’ve seen this process actually work for another user that has Enterprise enabled on their account, but I wonder if the Business plan would work via the myserious feature “cname compatibility” maybe?

I’m afraid that won’t work on the Free or Pro plans. The upgraded zone will not have a certificate covering the Free domain and it will fail. The only solutions are SSL for SaaS which is Enterprise (it’s way cheaper to have 2 Pro plans) or possibly Business (still cheaper to have 2 Pro plans).

What if I have 500 sites to add? Lol… With this bulk number of sites, I wouldn’t mind upgrading to Business level, or Enterprise if required.

The upgrade are per zone, I would suggest you talk to Sales, though.

PS: please don’t create multiple topics.

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If anyone with experience with this idea and Business plan can comment I’d appreciate :slight_smile:

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For the Business plan you could try (but it may not work, didn’t try it) having a custom SSL cert with third party domains. I doubt it will work, but may and it’s limited in numbers.

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