PartsTrader replaces hardware with Cloudflare services

PartsTrader is an online platform where customers will ask for certain parts they need, and then our suppliers compete for bids on those parts. It’s an auction marketplace specifically tailored to the automotive industry. “Before we started, repair shops were still using phones to call suppliers and make deals,” explained Adam Greenlee, Systems Engineering Lead. “Our goal is to become the platform of choice for our market. We’re in the US and New Zealand right now, and we have about 60-70% penetration in New Zealand and about 20% in the US. We want to raise both of those stats!”

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Cloudflare Load Balancing runs at each of our data centers across 250 cities worldwide and is powered by our DDoS-resilient DNS to ensure that traffic continues to get routed even under stress. Learn more about Cloudflare Load Balancing.

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