Hello! We can not log in the account for getting host api
the page with the authorization form just reloads without any errors. How can we solve this problem?

I can’ t reproduce it because i don’t have access to tuis area.

Did you do the ‘basic’ local things? Another browser, cleared the cache (or used incognito mode to avoid cached files)?

If this dosn’t work, i recommend to open a ticket.
[email protected]… from your account email.

Admit it, you typed this on a device with autocomplete :crazy_face: :laughing:

Yep. New smartphone. :slight_smile:
My old one was well trained to use auto complete for more than one languge. That’s annoying.

Congrats, I’d ask which one but I dont want to be the evil dude who derails threads into offtopic ■■■■ ;).

Over time, I guess :slight_smile:


Don’t send via UDP. I may not get it :rofl:
Edited my post again.
BTT now

:wave: @user9681,

If you are a Cloudflare partner you should be able to contact your partner rep or send an email to support (at) or partners (at) with details on your partner organization and the issue you are having.



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