Partner setup question

i active cloud flare for my domain ( that is hosted by dreamhost.
on my dreamhost panel, it says that cloud flare is active. but i didn’t any change to my DNS name server that is on other registrant else where.

is it right? or i need to change DNS server for my domain Manual?

and how i can see my website is active on cloud flare and this is working?


my domain name is

You must be on a partner setup if you didn’t change your name servers to Cloudflare and it shows up in the Dreamhost control panel.

Currently your site gives the error

This is how to fix it on a direct setup, however if you are on a partner setup, it is probably best to confirm with your host how to hold about this as every partner setup is different!

@sandro, can you please split this from the 2 years later point!!!

Thanks @sandro!

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