Partner hosted zone Your DNS zone file is hosted by CloudServer, a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website

Cloudflare needs to fix this page so that people aren’t so damn confused by the branded term “CloudServer” — as I understand it, the partner (CloudServer) is your current DNS host. It is NOT another location!

I’m not clear what you mean by that. Where are your DNS records listed?

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CloudServer sounds like a separate third party location. I was doing searches in Google trying to figure how to log into CloudServer. I even went to Using a branded term is like using “Cloudways” or “Digital Ocean” If you tell me it is hosted on Cloudways, eventhough I’ve never used Cloudways in my life, I’m going to question myself and try and figure out how to log in to Cloudways.

If your domain name is as it appears in your screenshot with a .com at the end, it’s hosted by Cloudracked, which is what your domain’s WHOIS points to for name servers.

I believe that Cloudways just configured the server for you, may with the help of Cloudracked (maybe actually Cloudrack as the service).

I realize I just confused things a bit, because I literally migrated from liquid web to cloudways yesterday. But up until yesterday I had never used cloudways.

Cloudracked = NameHero = LiquidWeb = goodr

Anyway. the short simple solution to the confusion is… Replace “CloudServer” with “your DNS record host” — I opened the ticket with the hopes that CloudFlare would do more than use the community as a band-aid, but use the community as a way to resolve the root source of the confusion.

I saw there were a bunch of other tickets from people with my same confusion.

Why not just resolve the root issue?

Hi @user16266 sorry for the confusion. You mentioned

It does to me as well and you don’t have any dns records on the cloudflare dashboard. Although I am not familiar with the partner cloudserver, it looks like all the domains in your account are partner hosted and display the same message. That message says

That is not a cloudflare brand and may be good feedback for the cloudserver folks. You mentioned that the message is not clear and suggested

Replacing “CloudServer” with “your DNS record host” seems a lot more confusing:

Your DNS zone file is hosted by your DNS record host, a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website


That’s the place where you’ve added your domain. I guess I am also

What do you need to accomplish with your DNS records? I don’t see cloudserver come up very often on this site, but there may be other folks that are familiar with them and can assist.

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Cloudserver is the name the Cloudflare partner hosting your DNS chose for their integration. It isn’t a Cloudflare term or a generic description of a partner integration.


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