Partner Hosted Zone - cannot edit DNS

I am attempting to move a site away from Media Temple. The domain, registered at Network Solutions, points to MT’s nameservers. There is an existing Cloudflare account for the domain. When I log into it and click on “DNS” I see:

Partner hosted zone
Your DNS zone file is hosted by Media Temple, a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website.

Can I change this so I can edit my DNS here at Cloudflare? Do I need to repoint my domain to Cloudflare first? Or do I need to create a new account at Cloudflare (which will be for a domain that is already managed here apparently) first?

If you don’t see any option to convert your zone to a Full DNS setup then you can remove it (overview tab, bottom right) and re-add it and it will add normally and give you nameservers to change to so you can manage your DNS at Cloudflare.

This option is present on the page:

Convert to Authoritative or Secondary DNS

To access more DNS functionality with Cloudflare, change your setup to Authoritative or Secondary DNS.

I am guessing I would want Authoritative, yes? This isn’t my area of expertise. Would this reveal all the individual DNS records so I can make changes?

If I do that, the nameservers are still pointed at MediaTemple, which we’d like to get away with. Can I instead repoint them directly to this Cloudflare account and cut Media Temple out of the loop?


Yes, you will need to change the nameservers to Cloudflare’s.

If I change to Authoritative, will that automatically disconnect it from MediaTemple?

I was hoping to not have to do it all at once. Ideally I would change to Authoritative and change the A record so we can get the website back up, but keep the nameservers pointed at MediaTemple (so the client’s email stays up) until tonight, after business hours, then update nameservers.

I am trying to minimize downtime for the client’s email (which uses Google/Gmail). Currently the website is down so trying to just address that right now. I’m worried if I repoint nameservers that might result in some email downtime.

I don’t know how their integration works but it will definitely mean their Cloudflare config is no longer working.

As long as all the relevant email DNS records are on both the current and new nameservers and are identical then there should be no downtime in email.

Hmm - well the “Convert” button to convert to Authoritative or Secondary doesn’t appear to be doing anything. It highlights on click but no indication of progress or anything. So perhaps that just doesn’t work.

So plan B: should I add a new site? Can I do that when I already have a site with the same domain name?

Actually I just went ahead and created a new account, added the site to that (it grabbed all the DNS), modified the A/C records and then repointed nameservers and all seems to be well.

Thanks for your help in navigating this somewhat unique situation.

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