Partner Hosted Zone and No Cloudflare Traffic

I’ve been getting hit with Bytedance/Bytespider for a few months and just can’t seem to shake them. I’ve set firewall rules in Cloudflare but they keep getting through.

More investigation shows me no traffic in my Cloudflare dashboard. I am with a hosted partner and have set CNAME record in my cPanel. However, I also see a CNAME record for

Should that be removed and could it be the reason why I get no traffic through Cloudflare and why my Cloudflare firewall rules aren’t working?

Hi there,

Can you let us know which domain you have an issue with?

Hello, thanks for helping me look into this! The domain I’m having trouble with is

Hi Yuri, here’s what my zone editor shows me if this is helpful.

Is this something I need to talk to my host about or am I in the right place? I’m still getting hammered with Bytedance spiders killing my server resources and would love to filter block them. Thank you!