Partner Application Status

Hi there. I’ve applied to become a CloudFlare Partner (not using this email address) and after about 2 months I haven’t received any updates.

I’ve been trying for weeks to get to CloudFlare support to no avail. I think here is my only option.

Just seeking help and direction.



Have you tried emailing [email protected] (from the partner portal page)?

I tried but I get a generic response everytime but I send from Gmail. I can’t log in to Partner Portal or create a new account (application) with the email I used to signup with.

Did you sign up via gmail too? There might a generic filter blocking non-business emails that come from strictly consumer domains like and - if so, they probably expect you to be using Google Workspace or Office 365 email with an address instead.

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No. I signed up using the online application.

Think I should trying emailing [email protected] from the domain email I used to signup?

I think that’s worth a shot

I emailed partner support from my domain email but I haven’t received a reply even now. Is it possible to get me into contact with someone from that department?

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