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Hello! The DNS section in CF is stating Partial Zone Suffix Error.
I created the CF account a month back, changed the settings and diverted the nameserver to hosting only(default). Now, I forgot the CF nameservers and Partial Zone Suffix Warning is showing in DNS section in dashboard.

##Partial Zone Suffix
Append the partial zone suffix to the hostname of your domain that you want to proxy to Cloudflare and use the resulting name as CNAME destination in your authoritative DNS.

Also, troubleshooting guide:

What is a partial zone suffix?

The partial zone suffix is the static last part of the CNAME destination used for any domains you want to proxy to Cloudflare. The CNAME destination always starts with the specific hostname that should be proxied (e.g. ) and ends in the partial zone suffix . By pointing a hostname to this CNAME destination, you ensure the DNS lookup for this hostname eventually resolves to Cloudflare IPs. This action directs hostname traffic to Cloudflare’s edge network and applies proxy settings (e.g., WAF, CDN) configured for this hostname.

How to use the partial zone suffix?

If you want to proxy traffic for to Cloudflare,

  1. Create an A, AAAA or CNAME record on the name www in the Cloudflare DNS app and change the Proxy Status to Proxied.
  2. Then add a CNAME record on in your authoritative DNS and point it to .

Repeat this for other subdomains of that you want to proxy to Cloudflare.
Maybe this error is related to CNAME record, BUT I’ve already added the CNAME records but not changed the Nameservers to CF, they’re still kept to default settings.

They should be listed at the bottom of the DNS page.

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