Partial refund request

hi, i’m wondering if i can get an partial refund for
i bought advanced certificate and pro for the domain and used for a day or two and then switched to a new domain i’d fully like to use.
previous domain is something i won’t use again with cloudflared.

i did switch from to domain and removed all .eu things

thank you and merry christmas

HI @blomqvistkevin the team will need to review this on a Billing ticket. Can you open a Billing ticket here with the details,

Once you have a ticket number, please share that here so that we can flag it for our Billing colleagues.

Ticket ID: 3071436

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And you canceled the ACM & Pro subscriptions for the .eu website as well, yes?

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Sorry, went to bed as I was too tired. Yep I did that.
Also going back to sleep some more

We replied on December 20th, 2023 - Ticket 3071436.