Partial CNAME setup using A record

I am using Cloudflare’s Partial CNAME setup guide, because I want to continue using Route53 as my authoritative DNS service, while routing traffic through Cloudflare for DDOS protection.

The guide linked above says in Step 4:
“Add a record in your [authoritative server] that points to {your-hostname}”

My current Route53 A record is:

So should I update my Route53 A record to:

Yes, I’m aware that I’ll be sending traffic like this: user → cloudflare → cloufront → origin

Thank you!

No. The guide you linked gives a very clear example:

You should also be aware that Route53 doesn’t support CNAME flattening, so you cannot use, only subdomains like

Replacing with results in CNAME

Also, I assume you have read that a Partial Setup is only available on the Business plan and higher?


Thank you for your reply, but my question is specifically about A/Alias records.

Since my original post, I have successfully setup up the aforementioned Route53 → Cloudflare → cloudfront → origin for a specific subdomain, “xyz”.

Thus, requests to are flowing successfully end to end. However, I want to do the same for traffic going to my root domain,

Yes, I’m on a Business plan.

Route53 does support an A record resolving to DNS records via the ‘Alias’ hack (at least, cloudfront records. I have not yet tried non-cloudfront records).

Update: I ended up continuing to use a Cloudfront origin for my A record. That origin redirects all traffic to www. I was able to cut over my www traffic to Cloudflare successfully. This issue is now close-able.

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