Partial (CNAME) setup + SSL

Hello, I want to use Cloudflare in Partial (CNAME) setup mode the DNS administration remains by my provider.

I’ve done everything according to this article:

My problem is … I get no SSL certificate from Cloudflare.
For https with Cloudflare I get the following error: SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP
http works fine

What am I doing wrong?
Thank you

Your SSL :cert: has not been issued yet because of your setup. It appears that your Cloudflare account is setup for FULL instead of Partial (CNAME).

If you added your domain to a Cloudflare account from the dashboard on it will automatically do a FULL setup. To do the partial setup through a partner you need to initiate the setup from their interface. Since you haven’t changed the nameservers yet you should be able to just abandon the Cloudflare account you created and start again from the partner interface.

Or, you could change the nameservers and just use Cloudflare through a FULL setup.

Your could API call manually to get SSL Verification Resource Record.

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