Partial (CNAME) record setup issue

I have few questions about setting up Partial (CNAME).

  1. Can I have 2 different Cloudflare account having 2 individual txt records coexist. and managing their own record. Would either side get error when reverifying again?
    Department A:|TXT| | 1111111111111
    Department B:|TXT| | 22222222222
    Department A:
    Department B:

  2. Is there a limit for partial C Name record for "Business " billing plan?

This sounds more like at least one subdomain setup. CNAME setups are for apex domains.

One option I’ve not yet fully thought through is just using Custom Hostnames on two placeholder zones. Doesn’t matter if they’re in the same account or not. And they won’t need to be Business plan zones.

Account1 has, with a custom hostname setup for
Account2 has with a custom hostname setup for

Cause i want to keep using my onprem dns server, thats why i dont wanna set up domain on cloudflare

That’s fine. You can do that with Custom Hostnames.

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