Partial CNAME of root/apex name hosted at R53

Gotta say that the Partial CNAME setup when using Route53 is particuarly confusing, at least for me, so hopefully someone can dumb it down for me.

Basically, we have a domain using R53 NameServers.
After adding the domain to our CF business account, which created a bund of DNS records in the portal, as per doco we’ve proxied requests for our www site by putting in R53 a CNAME to the <x.x.x> and I can see traffic in our Cloudflare dashboard, which is good. In CFlare is a CNAME to our AWS ELB for our website.

Where my confusion comes is at the apex/root record.

The www site tends to redirect to the root but we also want people to go directly to which of course will then get resolved by R53 as the AWS ELB IP’s and therefore not get proxied by CFlare so I’m really confused what needs to be done record wise to get the traffic proxied. R53 only allows an ALIAS/CNAME of the apex/root to other AWS infrastructure or static IP’s so I can’t change it to <x.x.x> like I did for the www record.
In CFlare DNS I’ve set the root/apex CNAME record to our AWS ELB because thats what the doco seemed to say but I can’t see that its having any positive affect.

Hope someone can tell if I’ve misunderstood something and what I can do to get requests for going via CFlare.

Thanks in advance

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