Part of my site keep vanishing


I’ve been having an intermittent problem since I set Cloudflare up. It wasn’t there before and goes if I turn it off.

Basically the problem is that the menu and the header logo and side post menu of my site just vanish. If you open a post the menu and logo are missing.

If I clear the cache in Cloudflare they turn. I’m at a loss with this. Has anyone else experienced something similar?


No , for me everything is loading fine now can you share a screenshot of your logo missing

I have been using for 1 year but i never experienced this type of issue

Thanks for coming back to me.

As mentioned it is intermittent. Having cleared the cache earlier all is working well at the moment.

Here’s a pic from another time it happened.
Screenshot 2022-02-19 at 12.08.14|690x427

I have tested this sith three types of devices i have Phone,Tab,Laptop and in all it seems to work fine for me

Thanks. Yes it’s strange. Probably happens twice a day

Oh no need to worry then .

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