Parsing a table with HTMLRewriter

I am attempting to use HTMLRewriter to parse a table. Each row is in the format (I am not in control of the format)

    <td class="1"> <p> data </p></td>
   <td class="2">  <p> moreData </p> </td>

How would I go about pulling the data out of each row so I can create a json object such as

{ "1": "data", "2": "moreData" }

The specific piece I am stuck on is how to get the children of each row in the element handler

class ElementHandler {
  element(element) {
     // how do I get the children of an element?

HTMLRewriter sounds like JavaScript. Stack Overflow should have more JavaScript tutorial resources.

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I checked SO and there isnt much about HTMLRewriter. Since it was developed by cloudflare and is built into workers I assumed this would be a better spot to ask - if Iā€™m wrong let me know and i can post a new question on SO

That is correct, but your question is still related to standard JavaScript development and here @sdaymanā€™s suggestion is spot on, as the forum is not intended for generic development questions. Everything that is libary specific is at

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