Parse xml feed

Hi, I need to parse feed xml from server side, with php curl.
I try to setup WAF rules and Pages Rules, but i can’t parse URL ( like ). CF always return “Checking your browser before accessing”
I miss something?


Thank you for asking.

May I ask if the request is also via HTTP/1.0 version and without some user-agent? :thinking:

You could achieve this by adding the origin host/server IP by navigating to the Security → Tools → IP Access Rules, enter the IP, select the action “allow” for your website :wink:


Helpful article:

May I ask what option have you got selected for your Security Level under the Security tab, or is the “I am under an attack” option enabled at Cloudflare dashboard - Overview tab? :thinking:


Furthermore, you should see any challenged or blocked requests / Firewall Events by navigating to the Security → Overview. Therefrom, you’d see which service and a Rule did challenged or blocked the request.

Hopefully it’s a valid one.
Without knowing if you are using any of the custom-made Page Rules with an option like Cache Level: Cache Everything?

Nevertheless XML by default isn’t cached as it follows on the link from below (HTTP header should contain text/xml for MIME while document is being sent to the client/user’s Web browser):

Despite Browser Integrity Check option, it might also be either a Super Bot Fight Mode:

You could also try to create a Page Rule for that specific .xml URL and disable WAF, security, etc.

How frequent are those request? :thinking:

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