"parler.com" does not resolve off of CloudFlare's public DNS servers

Unable to resolve Parler’s domains (parler.com, for example) off of or Seems to be fine off of my ISPs DNS servers and Google’s public servers ( and

Nor “par.pw”…which the app uses. Again, Google and my ISP’s DNS servers resolve just fine.

I’m getting SERVFAIL from both 1^4 and 8^4, and tools like this show issues communicating with their nameservers:



There is also no existing A record for par.pw neither www.par.pw?

In case needed tools, flush the desired records (NS, A …) for your domain:

As of today, I am unable to access Parler.com using Cloudflare DNS. This is the only site that does not resolve for me. Is Cloudflare blocking Parler.com ?

Same problem here. Removing DNS from all devices.

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It appears to be working again. Thank you

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