Parking domains on cloudflare


I bought a domain with cloudflare.
it is
now I want to use it as parked domain of
in my hosting I have pointed the account of .com
but it shows just blank page. what should I do?


How do you define “parking”? Like should visitors to the first domain be redirected to the second or what are you looking for more specifically?

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thanks for reply.
I don’t mean redirecting.
just when they type, they see my website with the changed domain. but not redirection.

Let’s see if I understand :smiley: No matter what domain name the user visits, the browser address bar should continue to display the domain name as entered and show the same page content in both cases?

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to be specific, I don’t want to loose authority of the old domain (
but if the visitor visits they see the page of old website, and google counts it as visitor of same website.
(I think I have to change the nameservers but don’t know how)

Right, so the new domain is the .com one, registered through Cloudflare. And then you have the .de domain, which I guess you have registered through some other provider in the past. What does your setup for the .de domain look like today (hosting provider, DNS config, and such)? Is the goal to leave this setup unchanged and just make sure .com is pointing to the same place so to speak?

I deployed a Pages landing page and add custom domains (that don’t have websites) from my Cloudflare account. But the requirement is that all these domains have to be in my account. You can’t show a landing page for domains not on your Cloudflare acount. I don’t know how that will work with Google analytics, though.

yes, I want to leave the .de setup unchanged and just park .com as alias or parked domain of .de

You mean I should transfer the domain from cloudflare to another hosting proider?

No. If you want Cloudflare to respond for any domain, it needs to use Cloudflare DNS.

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Since the .de setup isn’t using Cloudflare (right?), I guess you’re not that interested in using Cloudflare services for the new .com? Cloudflare just happened to give a good price on domain registration? I’m trying to read between the lines here, sorry if it’s not accurate.

As far as I understand, domains registered through Cloudflare are required to use Cloudflare name servers (at least when we are talking non-Enterprise services I guess). That’s not necessarily an issue though as you can use Cloudflare DNS to point to your current hosting environment and mark those DNS records as non-proxied (grey-clouded). It will essentially mean that Cloudflare handles registration and DNS for the .com and you don’t need to worry about the more complex parts of what Cloudflare provides.

In that scenario, it would be up to your hosting provider to serve the same website for the two domains. No idea which provider you are using, but maybe there is a way to connect a second domain? You should discuss this with them. Then they can provide you with the necessary information for your DNS records. You’ll then put this in your Cloudflare DNS configuration. It would be a minimum of two records: One for www and one for the root (@) of type A or CNAME (IP address or domain as target).

Thank you @svanlund .
actually I did what you said, pointed the A record to the host and turned off the Proxy.
now I think it’s working.
not sure though. Please let mecheck it tomorrow by google ads, and see if it works, if yes your answer was the solution.

now it redirects to .de
thank you.
what if I want leave .com unchanged.
if a visitor opens .com, s/he sees .com but with content of .de

Good question. You pointed .com to the same IP address as .de in Cloudflare DNS and that resulted in redirection? Then that is something you need to adjust on the origin side (your hosting provider / server). Can’t be very specific as I don’t know anything about what your current setup looks like.

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Hosting provider said I have to change nameserver in Cloudflare and set the .com domain as alias. I set it as alias in hosting. now want to change nameserver in cloudflare.

is it possible to change nameservers in cloudflare?
I mean pointing an A record to nameserver of my hosting.

PS. sorry if this thread is getting too long

As far as I understand you cannot change name servers for a domain registered through Cloudflare. But pointing an A record in Cloudflare DNS to the IP address of your hosting provider’s server (or a CNAME record in case you are provided with a domain name as the target) is something you can do.

When I say “server”, I mean the web server hosting your website. It might be easier to set up if you are using your hosting provider’s name servers, but nothing should stop you from configuring this manually in Cloudflare DNS as long as you know what records you need. The addresses of the name servers are not required - you want to know which web server should handle the traffic, so basically its IP address or name that you can use in your A/CNAME records.

ok, when I set A record to my IP, it redirects to .de (which I don’t want).
I have seen a record NS in cloudflare DNS app, please let me play around and see what is possible.
spending so much time on it.

That allows you to delegate a subdomain to other name servers. So you can say that should be handled by other name servers, but not itself. This also requires proper DNS configuration on the name servers you are pointing to and it is not something you would normally do.

I would say that trying to fix this in the DNS might be a waste of your time. You said that when the A record is set to your IP address, there is a redirection. I think the best approach is to look at what the server behind that IP address is doing when receiving the traffic. Like instead of redirection, do you have other options at your hosting provider to control how the server handles this traffic?

The priority of cloudflare is higher.
That means, if I point an A record to my IP it will redirects to .de
It does not care about options in hosting, either I set it as Alias, or pointer.

I have IP of the ns1 and ns2 of my hosting.
can I point an A record to the nameserver of hosting? (just an idea).