Parking a domain at Cloudflare

I recently moved my parked domains from Hover (Registrar) to Cloudflare. The DNS records still show the IP Address from What should be the ip address for a parked domain at Cloudflare?

At Hover I would get a Landing page stating that the page was parked there. Does Cloudflare do the same?

Cloudflare isn’t a web host, so they don’t host Parked Domain pages. The only option would be to code up a Worker, but that costs $5/month…about the same as a budget host.

Or you can just forward that domain to something other place.

Thanks for the reply. Hover is also not a Web Host. It is just a Registrar, but they did have this feature. Since the domain is only parked I can just leave it all blank, but I wanted to see if Cloudflare did something similar.

Thanks again.

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